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Bulk pricing on custom hardware!

Now you can buy our customizable hardware in bulk and save even more money! We have added 2 packs, 5 packs, and 10 packs with significant savings at every level.

i love bulk

DIY Custom Hardware on I Want That

DIY Custom Hardware on I Want That

DIY Lego Knobs – an easy DIY project for kids

One of my dear customers sent a photo of the Lego knobs her son made.  She said it was a great DIY project and her son loves his Lego room, complete with Lego knobs.

Easy to make DIY Lego Knobs

Lego Knobs made by a dear customer and her son.


Cameleon Hardware featured on DIY Network tonight at 7PM


DIY Network I want that show

Tonight at 7pm, Cameleon Hardware will be featured as a new product on the show I WANT THAT.   We are so excited to see be featured and curious as to what the final clip will look like, but I know it is truly a blessing to have this opportunity.

I Want That is a show that features new products.  The product is given to an average citizen to use, test and comment on.  It really is a great idea for a show.

#Green product just greener!

Cameleon Hardware was a green product before, but now it just got greener.  Now the design plate is made out of recycled candy wrappers, along with the base being made out of recycled aluminum and the packaging is made out of biodegradable packaging, now the whole product is totally GREEN.  I am so proud of it, and I  have worked very hard to have my product reflect my  morals and values.  Besides being #a green product, it also re-uses every day items, and is a quality product, made to last a lifetime, not to add the landfills.  And it is not only Made in America, but it is made locally.  YAAA!

#Green Product

Another Green product

New canvas for young artist

A cute young artist I know, wanted to make some hardware for her dresser.  We had a hard time deciding on which of her talents she wanted to use to create her DIY knobs.  We finally decided she could show her painting talents.  She chose a couple of flower stencils, and we purchased some small canvases found at Michael’s Craft Store.  We positioned the stencils a little off center, and We also bent the stencil around the edge so that the design extended on the sides, which really gave it more dimension.  Using a paint brush with short stiff bristles, she dobbed on the paint in one area at a time, and let the paint dry in between colors.   When it was dry, she used a black felt pen to outline the petals, which really made it pop.  My young artist is very pleased with her DIY knobs and is already talking about making more and changing the design, which will be easy with Cameleon Hardware, withe interchangeable design.

Hardware isn’t hardware anymore, its art.

Atists can make hardware.

Artist of all ages have a new canvas for showcasing their art.

Masculine DIY dresser handles

A masculine look is what I was looking for when I started to refurbish an old dresser.  I found a thin brown rustic tile , left over from a recent remodel, and added a few new sleek black accent tiles from the local home improvement store.  I sandwiched the brown tile between the 2 black, glossy tiles and glued all 3 tiles to the Design Plate.  This created a sleek, masculine look, and was an easy DIY project for a very inexpensive price.  To transform an old dresser to a sleek masculine dresser only cost $30 and a little hard work.

DIY dresser handles

Masculine dresser handles made out of accent tiles.

5 Reasons to vote for Cameleon Hardware – Voting Begins in 5 Days


5 reasons to vote for Cameleon Hardware

  1. Cameleon Hardware is not only made in America, but it is mostly manufactured locally, right here in the Pacific Northwest.
  2. Cameleon Hardware is made out of recycle materials.
  3. Cameleon Hardware is packaged in biodegradable packaging.
  4. Cameleon hardware is great for re purposing every day items to create one-of-a-kind custom hardware.
  5. Cameleon Hardware is made to last a lifetime.  Nothing cheap and breakable here!
Vote for Cameleon Hardware

Voting starts in 7 days!

DIY Dorm room ideas 101 – Cute yarn and corchet knobs!

DIY #Dorm Room Ideas 101 – If you like to knit or crochet, this is a great way to personalize your dorm room with these cute custom knobs.

  • Choose your yarn colors and  knit or crochet your basic flower.  If you don’t know how to knit, I have included a couple of links for basic beginner yarn flowers, below.  You can add a center accent, such as a fake pearl or button, to complete the design.
  • Using the glue that came in your knob kit, glue your yarn creation to the patented design plate and slide the design plate in to the aluminum base.
  • If you haven’t already inserted the set screw, now is the time.  Insert the set screw that came into your knob kit, into the barrel of the knob.  If you are having a trouble, try putting the set screw onto the end of the Allen wrench and insert it  into the barrel.  Screw the set screw into the barrel, until it stops.  The set screw will hold the design plate secure, so it won’t come off during everyday use.
  • Attach your new knobs to your dresser or desk, using the screws included in your knob kit.   What a great way to personalize your dorm room.

Here are a couple of good sites to get you started:    www.beginner-crochet-patterns.com        http://www.ehow.com/knit-flower.html

Dorm room decor

Dorm room knobs made from yarn

Custom DIY knobs for the Lego lover

Create these quick and easy custom DIY knobs for the your little Lego Lover.  Simply glue your Lego design to knob or handle design plate, or in this case,  a 2″  plastic square, then glue it to the design plate. Any design can be made using Lego’s.  Let your kids make their own dresser knobs.  And when they want to change to a different design, they can glue on whatever is their “favorite thing” at the time.


custom Lego Knobs

DIY Lego knobs for a kids room.